What is a Power Flush?

A power flush is a cleaning procedure carried out by a professional that is trained and experienced. Power flushing your central heating system means cleaning the central heating water, pipes, pump, radiators and the boiler, everything that the central heating water runs through.

Works are carried out by connecting a power flush machine to the system's circulating pump or a radiator and circulating the central heating water at high flow rates for hours, replacing dirty water with clean water.

Through the use of a combination of chemicals and magnets, the cleaning process is improved and through adding an 'inhibitor' chemical to the system after cleaning, the re-forming of sludge is prevented.


When is this needed?

Telltale signs can point to your central heating system having a build up of sludge, disrupting the system. Use our checklist to see if a power flush would be of benefit to your system:

  • Do you have cold patches on your radiators?
  • Is your boiler noisy?
  • Is your house cold?
  • Have you had your pump or valves changed recently?
  • Is your water only lukewarm?
All or any of these problems are indicative of a deteriorating system, which is easily and cost effectively fixed through power flushing. So don't wait until bigger issues arise, instead, contact a professional for advice and a free quote.



The benefits of having a power flush for your system are extensive and prolongued:

Increased efficiency of your system will reduce breakdowns and repair costs and save you money on your gas bill through faster household heating and decreased gas usage.

A clean system and the introduction of the correct levels of inhibitors into the system, will offer improved reliability, a decrease in breakdown and wear and tear of system parts, radiator valves and radiator parts; and an overall longer life-expectancy for your boiler

Maintaining the correct levels of inhibitor within the system will aide in preventing radiators or pipework from rusting and subsequently leaking, which can cause flood damage and expensive repair bills.


Our Services

At On Tap, we invest heavily in the most up-to-date equipment and training to ensure that you receive a first class job; and as members of the national power flushing association, we adhere to a set of strict guidelines and high standards of workmanship.

If you feel that your system is in need of a power flush or any other repair services, then contact us for a free survey and quotation.